DRAMA students from Chetwynde School in Barrow will take to the stage as part of UK-wide festival organised by the National Theatre in London. 

The pupils will present a new play called Age is Revolting at the school this month before performing it at the Grand Theatre in Blackpool.

The show is part of the Connections Festival, which has been running nearly 30 years and aims to champion the talents of young performers from across the country.

Speech and drama teacher Colynne Hicks said: “It's an amazing opportunity for our pupils to put their acting skills to a new play and the children have worked really hard on it, especially so soon after the success of Beauty and the Beast.

“The project combines some of the country’s most exciting new writers with the future stars of the stage.”

Age is Revolting is by Abi Zakarian, who is an award-winning British-Armenian playwright born and raised in Derby, now based in London.

Katherine said it was thought-provoking because it looked at challenges and joys of ageing. She said that the 19 children enjoyed the chance to transform into 80-year-old characters.

“In the play, school kids rebel against their boring music lesson and are magically transformed into their 80-year-old selves living in a care home,” she said.

“When they navigate back to the present they are no longer older but much wiser for the experience.”

Alex, who plays Barney Rushton, said: “It is a big contrast going from a rebellious 15-year-old to an 80-year-old because you are the same character but you gradually get more respectful. You don’t really think about being 80 and it’s tricky but it has been really heart-warming and fun to do as I’m with all my friends.”

It will be performed on Monday 25 March at the theatre at Chetwynde School from 6.30pm.

This play is suitable for ages 10+, and tickets are available on the school website.