An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) on the Cumbrian/Lancashire border has been named as one of the best UK destinations for spring travel.

Whether you’re longing to fill your lungs with sea air or are looking to spend some quiet days rambling through the countryside, these UK destinations are all perfectly suited to spring travel.

And of course, one extraordinary place touching Cumbria, famous for its amazing wildlife, stunning scenery, and superb walks, was named.

Arnside and Silverdale ranked in 7th place on list

Arnside and Silverdale is a wonderful AONB crossing the southern border of Cumbria into Lancashire.

National Geographic's review reads: "Many bypass Arnside and Silverdale, touching Morecambe Bay to the west and the Lake District to the north, on their journey along the M6 motorway.

"Detour to this AONB — one of the smallest in the UK — and you’re in for a surprise. The region spans just 29sq miles, but its diversity belies its humble size, with woodland, limestone hills and a coastal area all linked by a network of paths.

"Trails start right from Arnside station, which has direct rail connections to Lancaster and Manchester and e-bikes available for rental at Ease E Ride."

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About Arnside and Silverdale

According to the National Trust, Arnside Knott is covered with limestone grassland and mixed woodland, which attracts a variety of insects and is especially renowned for butterflies. The area is made up of species-rich limestone grassland, woodland, wet meadow, scree and scrub.

There are outstanding views from the summit to the Lake District and Morecambe Bay.

The Lots in Silverdale is an area of easy-walking grassland in the middle of the village, which leads down to the shore at the Cove and has wonderful views over Morecambe Bay.

Jack Scout is one of only two cliffs in the area and provides a good breeding ground for songbirds as well as feeding places for weary migrant birds passing through.