Fascinating photographs contained in the Sankey online archive show the choice Barrovians of the past had when it came to buying their goods. 

The Sankeys were a local family of photographers who captured life in the early 20th century in and around Barrow.

Their iconic images were put together in an archive launched by Signal Film and Media in a National Lottery Heritage Funded project last year. 

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The images include plenty of shops showing just how niche and specialist businesses used to be.

The photographs also show the sheer effort that went into eye-catching window displays before the prospect of online advertising.

The Mail: A shop window advertising PEX nylons in the mid 20th centuryWhat could now be bought in a supermarket could be found in the likes of Loxham's Bread Shop, Cannon Bros Cash Grocers - pictured with a plethora of soap products on display - and Hunter's Tea Store selling plenty of ham, tea and bacon.

Household and electrical items, now sold in big retail park stores such as Curry's and Ikea, were found smaller, dedicated shops such as Watt's Cooking and Underwoods Sheffield Emporium cutlery.

One fascinating image shows Benson's shop window advertising Hall's Tonic Wine - which was considered medicinal in the 1950s.

The Mail: Benson's Shop Windows showing Hall's Tonic Wine on the corner of Dalton Road and Harrison Street.At a time when everything was printed, painted or written, Sutcliffe's Shop in 1911 shows the vast variety of stationery on sale.

Another sign of the times was the fashion items displayed.

The trends of the early 20th century can be seen in the likes of Hetherington's offering corsets, skirts and blouses for sale with another beautiful PEX Nylons window displayed selling popular hosiery for the women of the 1940s. 

The Mail: A  shop window in the 1960s advertising electric cookers using a play on the Rome Olympics.Anyone wanting to use the Sankey photos in a book, online or in an exhibition need to ask permission to use the photos from Cumbria Archives and there may be a charge.

Downloading images for personal use is fine however.  The full details on copyright are here: https://www.sankeyphotoarchive.uk/contact/.