This Lent, Abbey Road Baptist Church have been conducting a series of Pilgrimage walks, rooted in the St Magnus Way in Orkney.

This spiritual venture, spanning six walks, is open to anyone, regardless of their faith.

On each walk, the group stop and pray at every church they visit.

Providing a moment of reflection, each leg of the journey is also accompanied by a distinct theme and related contemplative questions.

The first four stages of the walk have already taken place on February 17, February 24, March 2, March 9, with two more scheduled for 2pm Saturday, March 16, and March 30.

The first stage involved a 3.5-mile journey from Walney Island to St John's CofE Church on Barrow Island, carrying the theme of 'Peace'.

Stage Two, marked 'Loss', covered 3.25 miles from St John's CofE Church to St Mary of Furness RC Church.

The next stage, themed 'Growth', mapped a 3.4 mile route from St Mary of Furness R C Church to Spring Mount Christian Fellowship.

Entitled 'Change', stage four tracks a 2.27 mile journey from Spring Mount Christian Fellowship to Trinity Church.

Covering a robust four miles, stage five bears the theme 'Forgiveness', stretching from Trinity Church to St Paul's CofE Church and takes place on Saturday.

Finally, stage six, titled 'Hospitality', encompasses 2.6 miles from St Paul's CofE Church to Abbey Road Baptist Church.

The Abbey Road Baptist Church concludes the pilgrimage by offering hospitality at the journey's end, inviting all participants to a Fish and Chip supper at 4.30pm, followed by an Easter Carol Service starting at 5.30pm.

This venture offers a moment of unity, spirituality and reflection during the Lenten period, bringing numerous faiths and perspectives together in a shared pilgrimage around Barrow.