A NEW temporary solution to Ulverston's library woes is on the horizon.

The town's library has been shut since last year after electrical faults were discovered, with the council having to provide a pop-up replacement elsewhere.

A full library service is due in be place at the Coronation Hall, replacing provision being spread across two sites.

The Mail: The new temporary libraryThe new temporary library (Image: Submitted)

A parliamentary petition to restore a full library service in Ulverston attracted more than 600 signatures.

Providing an update on library services for the town, Furness MP Simon Fell said: "The Council has set up two pop-ups in the Coro and Market which have been well used, and I’d like to pay tribute to the amazing staff who have done a remarkable job serving the community in very difficult circumstances.

"Despite these pop-ups being in place, people rightly want a return to a full library service, with all the ‘extras’ that King’s Road enabled - reading groups, bike repair, author talks… the list goes on.

"The good news is that shortly - very shortly - the pop-up provision will move from two sites, to one: to the Ante Room in the Coro - a much larger space, with the children’s library held in an annex of the Coro too. This will move a full library service to one site, which I’m sure will be a relief.

"Meanwhile, work continues on the options appraisal and a public consultation and further updates will soon be issued by the council on the subject."

The new library space is due to open on March 25.

Mr Fell said he was 'reassured' by a council commitment to provide library services 'the same or better' than the King's Road service and would 'keep pushing'.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport has responded to the petition presented in parliament by Mr Fell.

Minister Julia Lopez said: "We support the approach to restore a permanent location for the library service in Ulverston and note the council’s intention to consult on the preferred option.

"However, it is not for the Government to direct the council about how it should run or manage its statutory library service. It is for Westmorland and Furness Council to determine based on the needs of local residents and consideration of the resources it has available."

Residents were due to gather for a public meeting organised by Ulverston mayor Michelle Scrogham to discuss the library on Monday evening.