A BARROW woman said participating in a new comedy TV gameshow was 'absolutely phenomenal'. 

After a thorough interview process with casting directors, Sue Rathbone was selected to be one of the contestants in the new Comedy Central's Out of Order - a gameshow about judgements and first impressions.

Sue is registered as an actress, singer, dancer and model on an agent website who put her forward to take part in the show. 

Hosted by Rosie Jones, Out of Order is joined by team captains Katherine Ryan and Judi Love plus Chris McCausland and Richard Osman. 

It sees two teams of comedians compete in front of a studio audience to place members of the public in the correct order in a series of revealing categories such as, 'Who earns the most?' or 'Who's has the most tattoos?'.

The first episode where the Barrovian appears was aired on Monday, March 4 and she can be seen in another four episodes scheduled for the show's second season. 

The Mail: Sue picture on the right.Sue picture on the right. (Image: Sue Rathbone)When asked about her participation, the 48-year-old said she had 'never experienced anything like it.'

"It was absolutely phenomenal. The crew, the hotels, the food - it was almost an out-of-body experience," she said.

"I met 15 famous comedians who took part in each show - it was incredible."

The Mail: Sue and other contestants.Sue and other contestants. (Image: Sue Rathbone)This was her first time on a TV show but the Barrovian is no stranger to the world of cameras having taken part in video clips in the past.

Since her participation, Sue revealed that she has had 'a lot' of auditioning requests through her agent.

She said: "I work a full-time job so I have to pick and choose which ones I can do and I'm available for. I'm not relying on it as a job. I'm doing it to see how far I can get and so far it has been absolutely amazing. I should have done it when I was younger." 

The episode is available to watch on Now TV's website.