THERE will be 'rain, sleet and possible snow' in south Cumbria this weekend, according to the Met Office. 

Today will be cloudy with showers turning wintry over hills. Tonight rain, sleet and snow will clear the north and it will turn drier elsewhere with clear spells allowing for some low cloud, fog and frost patches to form. 

It will be a chilly start tomorrow but drier with low cloud lifting for bright or sunny spells throughout the day. 

This is the hour-by-hour weather forecast for Barrow: 


11am: 4C

Noon: 5C

1pm: 4C

2pm: 4C

3pm: 4C

4pm: 4C

5pm: 5C

6pm: 4C

7pm: 4C

8pm: 3C

9pm: 4C

10pm: 4C

11pm: 4C


Midnight: 4C

1am: 4C

2am: 4C

3am: 4C

4am: 5C

5am: 4C

6am: 4C

7am: 4C

8am: 4C

9am: 5C

10am: 5C

11am: 6C

Noon: 6C

1pm: 6C

2pm: 7C

3pm: 7C

4pm: 6C

5pm: 6C

6pm: 5C

7pm: 5C

8pm: 5C

9pm: 4C

10pm: 4C

11pm: 4C