A 'LETTERS to heaven' post box has been installed in a Lake District park with the aim of providing comfort to families who have lost loved ones.

Following a plea from two local residents, Keswick Town Council have recently installed the ‘Postbox to Heaven’ in Hope Park, giving those who have been bereaved a place where they can send cards and letters to lost loved ones through a specific postbox.

These have recently become popular, with a number being placed in parks and cemeteries across the country.

Two local residents, Bridie Marr and Lisa Mackereth, attended a town council meeting in December, and asked if one could be placed in one of the town’s parks, which are maintained by Keswick Town Council.

Councillors agreed to fund and maintain the postbox, and it has now been put in place in Hope Park, next to the bird hide, ready for use.

The Mail: The post box has now been installed in the park.The post box has now been installed in the park. (Image: Keswick Town Council)

This spot was chosen as it is a quieter part of Hope Park, but still easily accessible to all. The plinth it has been placed on was created by the parks manager, and the signs made by local firm, Keswick Signs.

The postbox will be emptied regularly by parks staff, and any items in there will be 'treated with respect, and remain unopened'.

A town council spokesperson said: "We hope that this brings comfort to those who have suffered a bereavement, and that visitors and residents will treat it with the respect in which it has been placed.

"Hope Park has a long history of providing comfort to the bereaved, with memorial benches and trees being available to place."