HAIRY Biker Dave Myers made a poignant TV return to Barrow three years before his sad death.

In a resurfaced clip from BBC Morning Live, Dave went back to his childhood home on Devon Street to reminisce about his upbringing.

He described Barrow as the place 'that made me who I am'.


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In the clip he looked back on playing in the backstreets and described how a lifelong passion for motorbikes came from his dad, who would let him ride his bike as a child.

He said: “It was round the corner in the backstreet that us kids would have fun.

"My dad had a BSA Bantam and he would let me climb up on the tank and I’d sit holding the handlebars up to our back door.

“As soon as I was old enough, I knew I was going to have a motorbike, but until then, I had to make do with my push bike.”

Just 15 minutes from his childhood house was Roa Island where he and his dad would go fishing after cruising the open road on his bike, which allowed him to forget about any childhood worries such as his mum being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when he was just eight.

The Mail: Dave Myers looks out towards Piel Island

Weighing up his career prospects he told his father he could find a job locally but was told in no uncertain terms: "If you get in that shipyard, I'll break your legs." 

Dave later spread his wings to go and study at art school in London, something he had 'always dreamed of', but opened up on his lifelong affection for Barrow.

"The day I left Barrow to go to London it was such a mixture of excitement and apprehension but deep down I knew I had to leave," he said.

"But this is the place that made me who I am - I'll always be a Barrow boy at heart."

Following his death, the Hairy Biker has been praised as an ambassador for the town for Barrow.

He always maintained a love for the pies at Green's, a bakery near his childhood home.

It featured in the Hairy Bikers’ Ultimate Pie Bible, gaining a reputation as the best pie shop in the country.