A new software platform is being utilised in the ongoing investigation for Marcus Rigby, who went missing from Cumbria 28 years ago.

Created by the missing persons charity Locate International, and backed by software provider Altia, Quest is an online analytical and investigative tool.

With data sharing capabilities, the software enables users to gather all critical information about the missing person in one place.

Rob Sinclair, chief executive officer of Altia, said: “One of the cruellest parts of these cases is that there is no closure for those involved, who are left wondering what has happened. That’s exactly the problem we are looking to solve through this collaboration with Locate International.

“The sharing of information is vital to the success of solving any missing person case, and what Quest does is provide a platform which will allow users to not only open the potential to receive a huge amount of data, but also collate it in an efficient way which may help generate new leads for cases which have otherwise gone cold.”

The Mail: The family are using Quest in an attempt to generate new leads

Mr Rigby, who was 27, was last seen in Portland in 1995 after he left his hometown of Grange-over-Sands near Cartmel in Cumbria, citing a need for a "fresh start".

Since then, the Rigby family have not had any contact with him, with his last known sighting being at a bed and breakfast on Artists Row on Portland.

The family are using Quest in an attempt to generate new leads.

In the UK, figures show a person is reported missing every 90 seconds, equating to almost 170,000 people each year.

Locate International also utilises Insight's linking capabilities to combine information from various cases, aiming to offer an improved service in the future.

Dave Grimstead, chief executive officer of Locate International, said: “When we talk to families of people who are missing, they often tell us that their loved one's cases haven’t fully been explored. They mention that they have not been asked the ‘right’ questions, or that not everything that could be done, is being done.

“When we talk to police investigators, they tell us that they are stretched and wish they had the resources to do more. With Quest, we set out to tackle these problems.”

Quest was launched at the 2023 Conference of Missing Children and Adults.

Anyone with information about Marcus Rigby or other missing individuals are encouraged to contact the Missing People Helpline at 116 000 or visit https://locate.international/missing-people/marcus-rigby.