A SHOPLIFTING duo were foiled trying to steal from a supermarket after they were reported by a suspicious shopper, a court heard.

Darren Brennan and Kerry McAvoy both admitted shoplifting after they were brought to court for trying to take items from Tesco in Barrow.

South Cumbria Magistrates' Court heard the pair stole joints of meat and alcohol products from the supermarket, in Hindpool Road, on January 5.

The defendants, of Smeaton Street, stole items worth nearly £167 from the store but were tracked by security.

The court heard they used bags lined with foil to evade security alarms.

Prosecutor Peter Kelly described how Brennan, 50, carried out the offence.

He said: "The defendant was seen entering the supermarket in company with another.

"He was in possession of some bags described as being foil-lined.

"They've entered the store and a member of the public has become suspicious of them and spoken to security staff.

"The security guard watched the defendant and the other person exit the store making no effort to pay for items in their possession."

Mr Kelly said the security guard managed to recover the items from them.

They included joints of meat and bottles of alcohol, he said.

Mr Kelly said Brennan had 48 previous offences on his record.

That included a recent conviction earlier this month for shoplifting from an Aldi supermarket.

He took two twin-pack fillet steaks worth £9.99 each, four packs of Sirloin steaks at £6.99 each, two single fillet steaks at £4.99 each and two large joints of beef worth around £32.

The court heard in committing that offence the defendant also stole two bottles of vodka priced at £11.99 each and one large weekend bag at £16.99.

The defendant, representing himself, told the court he stole the items from Tesco 'to get money for food' after his benefits had been sanctioned.

The court heard Brennan was serving a community order handed down by Preston Crown Court for a previous offence.

Magistrates committed his sentence to Preston Crown Court, where he will learn his fate on April 4.

McAvoy, 41, was fined £120 and also ordered to pay £85 in prosecution costs.