School pupils in Barrow have been taught 'the value of money' after working to raise money for a new piece of playground equipment. 

Students at Victoria Academy on Devonshire Road fundraised for a new Orangutan play set which was described as 'expensive.'

The goal was set around a year and a half ago when in 2022 a Rope Swing Crossing Trim Trail Station broke which was replaced with a new metal version. 

This inspired the school children to further improve their playground which their teachers were happy to encourage. 

Deputy headteacher Matthew Connell said: "They've been asking since the last piece of playground equipment broke.

"They had wanted to improve the playground since then so it was a case of getting the catalogue out, going through it and picking what they wanted.

"It's been a really good lesson in the value of money as they picked what they wanted, saw the price, saw how expensive things can be and then they had that aim in their heads. 

"It taught them 'if you want something, how to get it in a real way'. 

"They worked together and raised money through events such as discos and the Christmas Fayre. 

"We set it up in the playground whilst the children were away. When they returned it was great because as they went passed by you could hear them say 'wow, look, it's there."

"It's taught them real-life skills and also how to fundraise. 

"Thank you to everyone who helped us to raise the money for our new piece of playground equipment.

"As always your support at our events is extremely appreciated and we look forward to the next."

Seeing the results has inspired the children to make the playground even better and have reportedly been eyeing new pieces for the future.