You may be surprised to know that I like watching Grantchester on the TV. After Sydney (played by James Norton) left the series, it somehow lost its appeal for a while but I have recently returned to it. Sydney’s successor, Will, appears to be going through a crisis and is finding it hard to pray.

Prayer is very much part of my life as a Christian and it was wonderful in the latest episode, to see Will going into church and praying before the altar, his face lighting up as he sensed God’s love for him. During WW2, many people turned to prayer in their hour of need, praying for peace.

Continuously since 1927, although actually first started in 1887, there has been a World Wide Ecumenical Day of Prayer on the first Friday of March. Over 170 countries now take part.

Christians in Kendal are part of that wave of prayer and this year we will be praying for peace in the Holy Land and the World. This year, the service that will be used worldwide on Friday 1 March (and at 2pm at the Salvation Army Hall in Kendal) has been written by Christian women in Palestine. It was put together in 2022, before the current crisis, and they called it I beg you, bear with one another in love” (from words written by St Paul to the early church in Ephesus).

How apt for such a time as this! Please join us, and Christians all over the world, if you can.

Written by Delphine Gratrix from Kendal.

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