Barrow Raiders are planning on renaming the bar at their club to honour the memory of their former director.

Keith Nutter died in hospital aged 65 back in 2021 after contracting Covid-19.

On Friday, March 1, the club will present the official renaming of the 'Keith Nutter Raiders Bar', which comes with an open invite to the many people who knew Keith.

His daughter Louise Brown said "We can't thank Barrow Raiders enough - what a way to honour my dad."

Described as a 'family man', Keith was married to his wife Patricia for 44 years before his passing.

He was a grandad of three and a dad of two, with the family hoping that the event in his memory will be one to remember.

They have requested that the opening of the bar will be transformed into a 'Motown night' to entertain guests.

Barrow Raiders chairman Steve Neale said: "Keith was so instrumental with his work for the Furness Raiders who have gone from strength to strength.

"The senior side reaped the rewards of the hard work of Keith and the coaches."

Passionate about the sport and the club, Keith was the author of a number of books about the rugby side and acted as Barrow Raiders' historian.

One of his biggest achievements was said to be producing 'Keeping The Dream Alive' along with close friends Steve Andrews and Dave Huitson.

The book was a who's who on every Barrow player from 1897 to 2008.

The club is now repaying the favour, honouring his legacy after he dedicated his work to do the same for them.

Free places can be reserved by following the link, though the club asked that people avoided over-booking so that as many people as possible can pay their respects.

The venue has a limited capacity and the event is expected to be a hugely popular night, so those interested are advised to book in advance.