Boots has closed a town centre branch in Barrow, causing disappointment among residents.

The pharmacy chain has closed up at Portland Walk, despite earlier hopes that they would continue to trade.

Barrow and Furness MP Simon Fell said the chain had been considering a reversal of a previous decision to shut up shop, given upcoming investment into Portland Walk and expected traffic increase.

However, this sadly failed to materialise, and the branches in Portland Walk and Risedale Road have now closed.

"This closure is deeply disappointing," said Mr Fell.

Boots have previously said any closures will not result in redundancies as part of the company's 'consolidation process'.

A spokesman for the company said: "The scheme will ensure that the shops that do close are no more than two kilometres away from another store, meaning that the communities affected will still be served."

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Readers voiced their disappointment on social media, with one user, Kath Smith, saying the Portland Walk Boots was "more than a pharmacy".

She said: "Portland Walk Boots was more than a pharmacy. A large makeup section, gift section etc. I rarely needed the pharmacy but I have bought a lot from Boots over the years."

Lynn Harrison said she was "sorry it closed," previously getting her prescriptions from Boots.

Mark Antony Edwards said: "Not another store. What's happening to my beloved former town, Barrow. When I left in 2008 it was thriving! So sad to read bout this."

Rhee Bellion said: "Barrow is dead and it’s never coming back."

Despite this, some residents are hopeful for the future.

One suggestion was for an Asda Express convenience store or even an M&S food hall to be installed.

Publicists said: "What about an Asda Express convenience store or an M&S food hall.

"With BAE shortly to have 300-400 people a day working in Portland Walk its got to be worth a shout."