After years of planning, Kirkby-in-Furness Community Centre playground is ready to be upgraded.

The current playground facilities are more than 25 years old and have needed a lot of work in recent times to keep it safe.

After successfully managing to raise enough money through grants from various charities and organisations, the village park will see a transformation.

On Wednesday February 14, the Community Centre Committee were finally able to order new playground equipment.

Ceri Anne Laisby started working on the project around May 2022.

She spent a lot of time looking at funding options and getting quotes and designs for the project.

Initial playground designs were shared with villagers at the annual summer gala as well as on the community Facebook page where everyone was invited to share their thoughts on the designs.

The plan includes a swing set, an inclusive roundabout, a climbing frame with a slide and a hut for children to sit down in.

The chosen design is expected to arrive between six and eight weeks after ordering, which means that after the time it takes to install, Kirkby should have a new playground by the end of April.

After almost two years of working on the playground behind the scenes as well as working and spending time with her family, Ceri is looking forward to seeing the development completed.

She said: “It’s been a lot of work, but it will be lovely to see it finished and enjoyed by the children and families of the local community for years to come.”

The project has received money from Kirkby Moor Wind Farm, CGP, FCC, Sir John Fisher Foundation, Parish Council- Community Infrastructure Levy, Kirkby Charities, and the community centre has also contributed.

The Community Centre Committee plan to have an opening event once work is complete, where villagers and fundraisers will be invited to come and see the new playground.

Ceri said the project had been stressful at times but she wanted to say a huge thank you Lauren Newby and the Community Centre for supporting her and being a ‘great help’ during the last few months.