The latest predictions from Met Office warn Barrow is in for a very wet weekend.

A yellow weather warning for rain is in place this weekend, the alert will run from 3pm on Saturday February 17 to 6pm on Sunday February 18.

After mist in the early hours of the morning, Saturday will see a 50% chance of rain at 8am followed by a spell of low precipitation.

In time with the yellow warning, the chance of rain will increase to 50% 3pm. It is then likely to rain for the rest of the day and get heavier, reaching over 95% precipitation.

The temperature will peak at 11 degrees Celsius, but it will feel cooler as a cold wind will increase throughout the day up to speeds of 35 miles per hour.

The Met Office said: “Spells of rain, some heavy, will push east across most areas through Saturday and Sunday. Some disruption is likely.”