A RETIRED BAE worker has only just managed to fix a gaping 5ft hole that was left by Storm Babet last year. 

61-year-old Joe Sides, a retired senior project manager, was shocked when the heavy rainfall came crashing through the ceiling in October 2023.

Storm Babet was the second named storm of 2023–24 European windstorm season and was an intense extratropical cyclone that affected large parts of northern and western Europe.

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It was preceded by Storm Agnes in September 2023.

The Mail: Rain water sent debree plummeting to the floorThe dad-of-two said: "The issue arose between the two big storms we had late last year.

"The storm dislodged roof tiles around the roof valley which dislodged the mortar rendering allowing a water inlet to the loft.

"The rainwater simply soaked into the loft insulation which acted as a sponge, significantly gaining weight and soaked into the ceiling boards.

The Mail: The loft insulation was soaked through"One morning the wife was cleaning the hall floor way and I was down the far end of the house and I heard my name being shouted and carried in the air on a chariot of expletives and profanities.

"When I reached her a long crack had appeared with water dripping through. Suddenly the crack became a 5ft hole.

"Once the debris had stopped falling we just cleared up the mess after taking photographs and contacted the insurance but was alarmed when they said it would take a few days before they looked at it due to the high volume of damage across the UK."

The Mail: The shocking debree left by Storm BabetJoe contacted every roofer he could think of in the local area to try and get it fixed however he was repeatedly told that there was at least a two-year waiting list.

He decided to undertake the repairs, and the re-decoration, himself with the help of his neighbour and his nephew who are in the building trade.

He added: "We did secure an agreement to temporarily repair the roof to stop the water getting in. Fortunately, my neighbour, a retired builder helped and secured the tiles along with filling in new mortar.

The Mail: How the ceiling was before"For the ceiling, we just pinned an old rug to the ceiling simply to prevent the cold air from getting in. So all in all it's has taken five months to repair and redecorate."