POLICE made 48 arrests in a crackdown on youth anti-social behaviour in a Furness town.

Officers launched a targeted crackdown in Ulverston after it was believed a small group of youths were responsible for a wave of crime and nuisance behaviour.

Focused work by community beat officer Howie Lindow saw a 'small number' of youths identified as being behind the majority of anti-social behaviour issues in the area, Cumbria Police said.

One youth, described by police as the group's ringleader, was arrested and later convicted of 12 offences in a court.

Police said the wave of anti-social behaviour included offences of youth disorder, shoplifting, theft, criminal damage, public order and nighttime economy-related violence.

The targeted action has resulted in 48 arrests since January 2023, with 45 charges being brought forward to court and 21 offences dealt with out of court.

Police conducted regular patrols around parks in Ulverston amid a spike in ASB.

Rail operator Northern also announced plans to play classical at Ulverston's railway station to deter youths and reduce unruly behaviour.

Last year also saw the town's public toilets becoming a repeated target of vandalism.

To tackle the issues, officers conducted Street Safe Surveys in some of the affected areas and conducted home visits with some youths who engaged in nuisance behaviour.

The team worked alongside members of the Cumbria's Child Centred Policing Team and the Youth Offending service, aiming to educate and divert the young people away from offending.

Some of these interventions were successful, meaning further arrests were not necessary, police said.

Cumbria Police said the team would continue to monitor the situation and continue to take action and make arrests where necessary.

Some of the young people were not Ulverston residents but travelling in from out of town.

Police said there were also issues last year in Low Furness villages.

Urswick's Low Furness School, which allows children to use the playground facilities out of hours, captured offenders on its CCTV system.

Those involved in the behaviour were visited at home, their parents informed and all those involved were banned from the school premises.