A rescue team had to help over 40 people over the weekend because of high tides.

Bay Search and Rescue, which operates from Flookburgh, has issued a fresh warning after volatile spring tides caught residents out.

During the team's patrols, they were also forced to help a number of cars that had found them submerged in the water.

Station manager Gary Parsons said: "Spring tides tear into the bay at an incredible pace, covering the bay's sandbanks and filling the channels faster and faster until it can go no further, and then it increases in depth. 

"At times like this, the water is relentless and powerful, and nothing or no-one can stop it."

A significant key factor in the height of a tide is the alignment of the sun and moon with Earth.

This happens twice a month and the alignment of the three bodies causes the greatest gravitational pull, resulting in spring tides.

"In Morecambe Bay, these are reputed to be second only to the Bay of Fundy in Canada which experiences the world's largest tidal range," Mr Parsons explained.

"Of course, all the drama and danger of becoming cut off or worse swept away by the tide, or unfortunately returning to find your car floating around in it, is completely avoidable if you find out when high water is and apply a simple deduction."

Mr Parsons added that you can buy a tide timetable from a local shop or newsagent, or you can download a tidal app to your phone to avoid being caught out.

"The water starts to run into the bay between Barrow-in-Furness and Heysham some three and a half hours before the high water time, so you should be off the bay and in a safe place to watch it come in by that point," he said.

"As the bay narrows toward Arnside and the Kent estuary, the tide begins to pick up speed until it’s so fast you can't even run alongside it."