Students from a school in Dalton plucked up the courage to ask the town's mayor could they volunteer to clean it. 

In December 2023, Mayor Nick Perie paid a visit to Dowdales school on Nelson Street to watch the performing Arts Department's Christmas at Dowdales production. 

During the interval, two students bravely approached him to ask if they could arranged a litter pick with their teacher.

They explained that the deed may possibly help with their Citizenship exam.

The Mail: Students went into the far reaches to get rubbishOn Monday (February 5) the event took place and saw ten pupil arrive along with teacher Mr Brown who teaches years ten and eleven.

Councillor Perie gave the students designated areas along with reachers, bin bags and bin bags rings who then set about 'mature and methodical way' in and around Dalton playground and Dalton Leisure Centre.

The Mayor was stunned to see that in just 40 minutes, the group had collected 14 bags of rubbish. Even Bill from leisure centre came out to thank them for the arduous task. 

Councillor Perie said: "I was honoured that the students plucked up the courage to ask me. I sensed they thought the answer would be no, which wouldn't have been the case, so I instantly said yes and their mood picked up.

"I then advised that I would sort it with their teacher.

The Mail: Teacher Mr Brown on the litter pick

"I recommended Dowdales took part in more litter picks in the future. It helps them and it helps the community and any children who play in the park on this occasion.

"At the Dowdales full governors meeting I told the board what the students had done and how proud I was of them, they may not all have liked it but they all worked like Trojans and managed to collect a lot of rubbish -  I mean a lot of rubbish."