A new film, featuring a Furness-born actress will launch across a number of streaming sites, including Amazon.

Dalton’s star, Sophie Craig will welcome her latest project, ‘Fortunes of War’ to screens on February 19, 2024.

The actress is best known for her comedy sketches which are popular on social media, she is also a writer and producer with numerous film and TV credits.

The film is set in France during World War Two and follows a band of fighters who stand up against the German Nazis.

A covert raid in Normandy goes horribly wrong, leaving a small team of British commandos cut off from their comrades and hunted by Wehrmacht forces.

The troop stumble across an old farm deep, where they plan to lay low. Here, they meet a group of French labourers.

Sophie plays a French resistance fighter called Annette, who teams up with a band of British soldiers.

With a heavily injured crew, Anette and the British are trapped on a farm, surrounded by Nazi’s.

While preparing to fight their way out, they stumble upon a mountain of stolen gold and jewellery.

Meanwhile, an SS General arrives and whips his troops into action, but the general has a secret which may change everything.

Sophie said she ‘absolutely loved filming’ and the project was ‘really fun’ to be a part of.

“I was part of an amazing cast and was able to work with the best team, I know we will all be friends for a long time.”

Fortunes of War is described as ‘fantastically gripping’ an ‘action-packed’ war film, directed by Bill Thomas and written in collaboration with his brother Ian Thomas.

Sophie said they filmed between 14 and 15 months ago on a small budget.

Sophie was ‘super excited’ to play her character, Annette, and enjoyed dressing up in period costumes.

“They were bang on,” she said, “I got to wear some really cool designs, its just amazing to be able to transform and show a different era.”

The actress revealed that one of her favourite parts about making the Indie film was taking part in fight scenes and getting to roll around in the mud.