A Cumbrian accountancy firm has welcomed 17 apprentices across four offices in the region in its latest intake.

Saint & Co offers diversified apprenticeship programmes catering to those wishing to kick-start or advance their careers in this field.

This year, it has broadened its scheme to provide more apprentices with an array of learning prospects.

Among the new inductees, four are stationed at the company's Ambleside office.

Jim Quinn and Olena Talailo will aim for their Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) Level 2 status.

Nadine Harris is advancing towards her AAT Level 3, while Ross Huck is striving for his Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualification.

Mr Huck, 22, has previously been supported by Saint & Co through his AAT certification.

He said: "I started at Saint & Co two weeks after I completed my GCSEs to start my apprenticeship, and I was supported through my AAT Levels 2, 3 and 4 in conjunction with Kendal College.

"Ultimately, I’ve gone from one apprenticeship to another.

"The work experience I have gained during my time learning about the industry has been instrumental to my progress, and I’ve learned so much from my colleagues.

"I’m so grateful for the ongoing support from the team at Saint & Co and I’m excited about where my career will lead with the company after I achieve my ACCA."

In this year's intake, the firm offered 10 apprenticeships at its central office in Carlisle, two in Whitehaven and Millom, one in Wigton, and four in Ambleside.

Saint & Co's student training partner, Sophie Graham, who oversees the programme, said: "Working with apprentices is very important to us as a company, and we want to ensure that we offer wider career pathways for all.

“The majority of partners within Saint & Co who started with the company as students themselves, so we know first-hand how effective they can be as a starting point in somebody’s career.

"We often find apprentices bring a fresh perspective on things and make sure we are moving with the times, and the company is certainly feeling the benefits of working with so many apprentices."

Saint & Co's apprenticeship programme is open to adults of any age and experience level.

For those interested in applying can submit a CV and cover letter to Sophie Graham at sophie.graham@saint.co.uk.