Barrow is no stranger to showing off vintage vehicles. The Festival of Transport is one of the biggest events in the town's calendar in Barrow. 

Taking place on Saturday, July 20 this year, the event will see a wide range of vehicles line the streets in the heart of the town.

It's fascinating to see classic cars that have survived having been restored or cared for the best part of a century.

It's even more fascinating however to see the first cars of Furness captured on the streets when a car was still a novelty sight. 

Photographs captured by local photographers the Sankeys show some of the earliest cars caught on camera in and around Barrow.

Some even show what the aftermath of a vintage car crash looks like along with one of the clunky machines after burnout. 

An image of a damaged Model T Ford shows exactly what a road accident used to looked like following vehicles being introduced onto public roads after the 1890s.

The Mail: Damaged Model T Ford EO696  Early 20th Century  The wreck of a car with substantial front endThe same, shiny new model can also be seen in the archive with a driver and man.

This car was originally registered to John Brennan - licensed victualler of the Trevelyan Hotel in Dalkeith Street.

The earliest photograph that appears to have been taken locally is of a group of men posing in front of a car in 1914 which sports a 'Support Plucky Little Belgium' poster.

The group of people are pictured in front of The Palace Theatre.

The Mail: Single seater sports car  Early 20th Century  Large single seater sports car and driver withOne of the strangest cars located in the collection is a large single-seater sports r from the early 20th century.

The car is described as "belt driven with solid wheels" and the young driver is pictured at the wheel with a big grin on his face as another person looks on.

In 1917, an old fashioned fire officer can be seen sat in a new car outside a fire station.

A little later,  the opening of Loxham's garage on Rawlinson Street has been documented with four men sat in a very old car outside

The car has different-sized wire wheels and no visible steering wheel.

Petrol pumps are also pictured in the forecourt of the garage with more old cars nearby.

The Mail: Furness parcels vanOther distinctive vehicles such as a Royal car, a Furness parcels van and Barrow's School's Red Cross are among just some in our gallery.

Anyone wanting to use the Sankey photos in a book, online or in an exhibition need to ask permission to use the photos from Cumbria Archives and there may be a charge.

Downloading images for personal use is fine however.  The full details on copyright are here.