It is set to be a mixed bag for Barrow and Furness this week when it comes to the weather.

Whilst there will be patches of sun, it will do well to compete against the generally gloomy skies that have been predicted.

Here is the weather forecast for Barrow-in-Furness for the week commencing Monday, February 5.

Monday: Highs of nine degrees, with gusty winds and occasional thick cloud cover, though the chances of rain are currently low.

Tuesday: Heavy rain expected to stay throughout the day, with highs of nine degrees.

Wednesday: The sunniest day of the week, though colder with a high of six degrees. Low chance of rain and light winds forecast.

Thursday: Light rain showers throughout the entirety of the day, with highs of five degrees and a moderate breeze.

Friday: Light rain but thick cloud cover to end the working week, with highs of six degrees.

Saturday: Lower chance of drizzle but the thick cloud cover will remain, accompanying highs of five degrees and a moderate breeze.