Finding the best deal when it comes to filling up your car is vital in this day and age.

For that reason, we at the Mail have put together this handy guide assessing the petrol prices in the region this weekend.

These are the ten cheapest petrol stations across Barrow and Furness as of Saturday, February 3.

1. Morrisons Barrow

The Strand, LA14 2HF

Price: 135.7p

2. Asda Barrow

Walney Road, LA14 5UG

Price: 136.7p

3. Tesco Extra Barrow

Hindpool Road, Corner House Park, LA14 2NE

Price: 136.9p

4. BP Ulverston

Newland Service Station, LA12 7QG

Price: 138.9p

5. Gulf Ulverston

Canal Head Services, Canal Street, Oubas Hill, LA12 7LY

Price: 139.7p

6. Esso Ulverston

Mountbarrow Service Station, Mountbarrow Road, LA12 9NR

Price: 139.9p

7. Essar, Askam

Ireleth Village Store, Ireleth Road, LA16 7JD

Price: 140.9p

8. Shell, Millom

Whartons Garage, St George's Road, LA18 5BB

Price: 141.9p

9. Shell Ulverston

Canal Street, LA12 7LA

Price: 141.9p

10. Shell Barrow

Lakeland Service Station, Abbey Road, LA14 5LF

Price: 142.9p