Si King has described how emotional it was to be back on the road with his best friend Dave Myers.

He was speaking ahead of the launch of their new show, 'The Hairy Bikers Go West', which airs its first episode on BBC Two on February 6 at 7pm.

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In the show, the pair will be travelling along the entirety of the UK's west coast, starting in Scotland and eventually making their way to Devon.

Si said: "Dave is a west coast lad and we had a blast visiting some of his old haunts and our favourite places.

"Our focus, and particularly Dave’s focus, was to get out on the bike, to start the process of filming and to bring a level of normality back for him, his family, for me, for the crew, and that’s what he worked towards and that’s what got him through that particular portion of his treatment."

The Mail: Si and Dave pictured in LancashireSi and Dave pictured in Lancashire (Image: Steve Lake (BBC))

In 2022, Dave was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 64, forcing him to take a break from filming.

But, two years on, the celebrity chefs are once again on their bikes, with Si explaining how it was 'just like old times'.

He added: "Over the comms he [Dave] was going ‘Kingy, are you sure we’re going left here?’ - that sort of dialogue was great and it’s what we’ve done over the last 20 years.

"I think he identifies pretty strongly with both [Lancashire and Cumbria], it was really emotional in the sense that Dave was incredibly nostalgic about his parents and about his life in Lancashire as a young boy."

The Mail: The new show will see the Hairy Bikers travel along all of the west coastThe new show will see the Hairy Bikers travel along all of the west coast (Image: BBC)

Dave was born in Barrow and attended the local grammar school for boys.

The nature of the show revolves around the duo going down memory lane, with Barrow therefore playing a key role in the nostalgia.

"You always go: 'god, can you remember the last time we were here?’ - that’s just the very nature of travel when you go back to places," Si explained.

"What was lovely is, as always on the bikers, it’s the people that make it and their characters and personalities."