FIVE best friends have started a band influenced by the sound of 90s indie and classic rock.

The Gears are five friends hailing from Walney Island brought together by their mutual love for music.

The band consists of frontman and vocalist Charlie Wood, rhythm and lead guitarist Elwood Curtis, guitarist Jake Dawes, bassist Alfie Allan and drummer Riley Heron.

The members, ranging from 13 to 14 years old, attend Walney School and started the band around the Summer of last year. 

They explained they have all been connected with music from a very young age and were introduced to instrument playing early in their lives. 

The lead singer Charlie said: "I have been brought up by music all my life. I started drumming when I was about four."

They explained their sound is mainly inspired by the 90s indie scene and classic rock with bands such as Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Stone Roses, and Beatles as their inspirations.

When asked about how they get to know bands from older generations, the band said their parents were the ones to introduce them.

The quintet had their first concert at Eskfest in July and since then have performed at Barrow Underground Music Society and The Meeting Place - their biggest gig ever, with 180 people in attendance. 

The band plays covers from Slice of Lime by The Reytons to I Wanna Be Your Dog by The Stooges or Digsy's Dinner by Oasis, but they are in the process of writing originals. 

This year the band plans to get a record deal and to play in big festivals. 

When asked what they would tell people their age who want to start a band, Charlie said: "Don't care about what people say."

"Just get some of your best friends and just stick with them and do it," concluded Elwood.