Valentine’s Day is on the horizon and one business has already sold out of its special celebratory treats.

The Milk Hut on the Coast Road has received an ‘unbelievable amount of orders’ for its Valentine's Day sharing boxes.

Jessica Pinder and her partner Chris Ford run the Milk Hut at Goadsbarrow. The couple also owns High Roosebeck Farm in Ulverston, which is where they grow and produce everything they sell.

The farm is home to one hundred milking cows including a small herd of Jerseys, who are known for producing the best milk which is described as richer and creamier than other breeds’.

The Mail:

As well as pasteurised, fresh whole milk and milkshakes, they sell vegetables such as potatoes and carrots, fresh meat, eggs and homemade cakes.

Jessica first began making and selling her cakes in March 2023 for Mother’s Day last year and they proved so popular that she has been baking every week since.

Fresh cakes are baked every week and available Friday, Saturday and Sunday until they sell out.

Although there are new treats every week, the two best sellers that always make an appearance are caramel shortbread and the school cake, which is a simple sponge topped with icing and sprinkles.

Jessica said it is so popular, there would be 'uproar' if she stopped making the school cake.

At Christmas, she put together a festive sharing box that soon sold out at their winter market stall. This encouraged her to offer a Valentine's box.

Jessica said she is her own biggest critic and doubts herself every weekend with the cakes, but she is very happy to see her bakes continuously sell out.

She said: “We sell more and more each weekend, I didn’t think the cakes would take off like they have, the responses from customers never fail to amaze me.”

The Valentines ‘dipping’ boxes contain brownie and blondie pieces, shortbread, cookies, flapjack and popcorn as well as marshmallows and pretzels. These are accompanied by two dips, good luck choosing between Biscoff, Bueno, milk or white chocolate, peanut butter, Nutella and homemade Caramel.