Clarkson’s Farm has confirmed the release date of its upcoming new season as Diddly Squat Farm returns to Prime Video.

Fans can expect to see new faces as well as returning favourites such as Jeremy Clarkson, Kaleb Cooper, Lisa Hon, Gerald Cooper, and Cheerful Charlie.

Directors say Mr Clarkson will be coming up with creative new ways of making ends meet at the farm in Chadlington which he opened in 2020.

Season three will launch on May 3 on Prime Video worldwide, it has been confirmed.

The Mail: Clarkson's Farm confirms release date of new season

A spokesman for the show said: “The third series of Clarkson’s Farm finds Diddly Squat facing some seriously daunting challenges.

“The crops are failing in the severe hot weather, inflation has driven prices of supplies sky high, dreams for the beloved restaurant are dashed and now the farm shop also faces closure. 

“Jeremy urgently needs to come up with creative new ways of making ends meet, so hatches a plan to turn a profit from hundreds of acres of unfarmed land, thick woodland and hedgerows that make up half of Diddly Squat.

“This triggers an avalanche of Clarkson-crafted schemes, involving everything from goats and pigs to mushrooms, nettles and deer. 

“Someone new arrives to Diddly Squat, which puts Kaleb's nose out of joint as well as the returning characters all working to help Jeremy’s farming ambitions come to fruition.”

The show was first aired in summer 2021 with series two being released in February last year as it became the most-watched Prime Video original series in the UK.

Season three will not be the last either after it was confirmed in November that the show will return with season four being given the green light by Amazon.

Fozia Khan, Amazon Studios’ head of unscripted in the UK, announced the news last year with work already underway for the fourth series of the Prime Video UK original.

Zoe Brewer is the director of production and Peter Richardson is the series producer. 

Production has also commenced on a fourth series of the Prime Video UK Original Clarkson’s Farm.

Expectation launched in February 2017 and also produced The Grand Tour which also stars Mr Clarkson.

The TV star, 63, has appeared in five seasons of the car show, travelling the world with James May and Richard Hammond test driving different vehicles on adventurous road trips.

It was announced in December that the trio, who previously starred on the BBC’s Top Gear together for more than a decade, would be featuring in the final special marking the end of almost 10 years – which Mr Clarkson said felt right.