Two tractor runs that took place across Furness have raised more than £20,000 for a hospice in Ulverston.

The Furness and District Tractor Run held its events on September 3 and December 9 in support of St Mary's Hospice.

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On Wednesday, it was announced that the more recent 'Santa Special' raised £9,410.58, bringing the total to £21,052.38.

The hospice said: "It's a mind-boggling amount and they're all true superstars.

"Everyone here is in awe of their efforts and we are incredibly grateful for all that they do."

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Organised by Alan Irving and Karen Higgs, it is not the first time that the event has proved to be a massive success.

In 2022, the first tractor run of the year raised over £14,000 for the local charity, with the pair still saying they are shocked at the level of support the community shows their efforts.