A boxer from Askam in Furness has tasted international glory after taking part in a fight in Germany.

Lee Kellett, aged 45, participated in a match last weekend against debutant Samuel Stewart.

The fight was officially recognised by Boxrec, an organisation that tracks and records the results from professional and amateur bouts across the globe.

Mr Kellett said: "I've boxed on a different licence the last few years but I decided to go to Germany on my own on Saturday.

"I dropped him in the first and decided to get the rounds in and won on points, winning every round."

The Mail: Mr Kellett has now been involved in the sport for 34 yearsMr Kellett has now been involved in the sport for 34 years (Image: Lee Kellett)

Boxing has grown to be a staple part of Kellett's life, having now been involved in the sport for over three decades.

"I'm 45 now so to still be boxing pro at my age is a pretty good achievement," he added.

"I've been boxing since I was 11 and turned pro in 2006 and boxed as a journeyman as I enjoyed boxing and making money and I wasn't fussed about selling tickets so it was perfect, but every now and then I like to rip the script up and win."

A journeyman in boxing is someone who is typically brought in to lose a match in an attempt to boost the reputation of the opponent.

With how difficult it is to make it as a professional in the sport - and earn enough money as a result - there are plenty of boxers like Kellett who choose to play the role of 'journeyman' to ensure they have a stable income.

And, whilst the years might now also be battling against him, Kellett was still optimistic about looking to the future.

"Like I said, I'm 45 so I've probably only got one or two years left in the tank before I have to retire," he said.

"But then I'll be making a swift return for my 50th and one last fight."