ARTIFICIAL intelligence is fast becoming ‘the norm’ in society.

Microsoft Bing’s image creator is the latest development in user-friendly artificial intelligence and can visualise custom prompts.

To test the capabilities of this Ai image generator, we asked it to create seven images of Barrow based on different scenarios.

These pictures provide a snapshot of where we are with technology in 2024. It produced some interesting results...

What if Barrow was overrun by wolves?

The Mail: Barrow beset by howling wolvesBarrow beset by howling wolves (Image: MS Bing Image Creator)

What if the UK's nascent 'rewilding' movement got 'really' out of hand?

With echoes of Joan Aiken's classic children's book The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, this AI prompt visualises an eerie alternative present where the quaint-looking streets of Barrow are filled with packs of hungry predators.

As shown across mainland Europe, top predators and humans can coexist well together, but this remains an atmospheric scene, with a huge moon looming over a sky full of scavenging crows.

What would Walney Island look under the sea?

The Mail:

We asked AI what neighbouring Walney Island would look like if it were completely submersed.

A variety of different colourful coral and sea life run up to a broken-walled city. 

There are also destroyed looking buildings, huge vessels and cars. Who knew you could drive under water?

What would the celebrations look like if Barrow AFC won the Premier League?

The Mail: Never say never Barrow fans! Under Pete Wild’s tutelage... you never know! 

AI shows Barrow AFC’s #9 (presumably Jamie Proctor) lifting the Premier League title in front of thousands of fans at an upgraded SO Legal Stadium.

A pussy cat sits on a table as directors of the club join in with the celebrations. 

What if Barrow was the capital of the country?

The Mail: Barrow... if it was the nation's capitalBarrow... if it was the nation's capital (Image: MS Bing Image Creator)

A smart-looking AI visualisation, which imagines Barrow as the nation's seat of power and capital city.

An impressively futuristic docklands area lies beyond beautiful public buildings.

What if Barrow was transported 1,000 years into the future?

The Mail:

In what looks like a scene out of a Star Wars movie, Barrow has turned into a metropolis city.

Huge spaceships dominate the city skyline with what appears to be two moons, or perhaps another planet. 

Is this really what the future looks like? 

What did Barrow-in-Furness look like 1,000 years ago?


The Mail: An impressive visualisation taking us back in time 1,000 yearsAn impressive visualisation taking us back in time 1,000 years (Image: MS Bing Image Creator)

On the other end of the time travelling spectrum, this is what Barrow looked like in 1024, according to AI. 

Bustling peasants trade livestock, while longships lie at anchor in the peaceful waters. An impressive rendering!

What if Barrow was invaded by aliens?

The Mail: War of the Worlds comes to Barrow-in-FurnessWar of the Worlds comes to Barrow-in-Furness (Image: MS Bing Image Creator)

This could be a scene from a classic alien invasion film like Mars Attacks!

Flying saucers blast ray guns at buildings, fiery explosions pepper streets filled with people and buses. Hopefully someone will be able to discover the aliens' key weakness in time to save the day.