A landscape charity said they are ‘deeply concerned’ over new plans for a holiday resort in Furness.

Friends of the Lake District have criticised plans from developers ILM Group who have lodged revised proposals with Westmorland and Furness Council for the Roanhead Lodge Resort.

The new scaled-back plans will include the installation of 233 lodges, nearly half the previously proposed 450 lodges for the site, which the developers said would ‘significantly’ reduce the number of visitors to the site and potential associated impacts on the natural environment.

Friends of the Lake District planning officer Lorayne Wall said: “We are aware of revised plans having been submitted for a holiday lodge resort at Roanhead.

“This is an incredibly sensitive area, inappropriate for this type of development for a multitude of reasons. Whilst we note that some changes have been made to the plans, the impacts of a large holiday resort along with the associated traffic and visitor footfall on factors such as the tranquil character of Roanhead and the delicate ecology of the area will nevertheless be substantial and we remain deeply concerned.

“We will review and submit a response to the revised plans over the coming weeks.”

According to developers, in the new plans ‘buffer zones’ between the resort and designated nature sites have been expanded. Greater protection has also been afforded to the nearby ancient woodland and the construction access to the site has been moved away from this area, said ILM.

In response to concerns raised about potential disturbance to wildlife, dogs will no longer be allowed at the resort.

Andrew Coutts, CEO of ILM Group, said: “We recognise the strength of feeling relating to our previous proposals and have listened intently to feedback, evolving our approach to provide a new masterplan for Roanhead Lodge Resort that is much more balanced and sensitive to the surrounding environment.”

Developers said the resort would create 209 jobs during construction as well as an additional 184 permanent jobs during operation with 164 of these expected on-site at Roanhead Resort. Apprenticeship opportunities would also be offered via a new training academy on the site.

Mr Coutts added: “The proposals continue to represent a major opportunity to stimulate the visitor economy locally, create hundreds of jobs, and provide high-quality amenities, which will support the Furness area’s transformation into a thriving place to live, work and visit.

“Dedicated visitor accommodation, with the appropriate infrastructure, facilities, and professional management in place to support it, has an important role to play in this journey, ensuring that economic growth is realised sustainably and that there is a positive impact on the wider community.”

The proposed lodges will be made of sustainable materials with green roof technology and will incorporate low carbon measures, such as high levels of insulation and low carbon heating systems.

The developer has also been working with a natterjack toad specialist to consider the population of this species in and around nearby Sandscale Haws. This includes introducing specially designed natterjack toad habitat creation and contributions to off-site habitat creation and management, as well as additional measures to minimise potential harm from the road network.