Partner agencies in Cumbria have thanked communities for their support and help during the recent storms Jocelyn and Isha.

These agencies have been coordinating efforts to support residents, commercial firms and those who are most vulnerable, impacted by the extreme weather.

Storm Jocelyn brought substantial rain that exacerbated an already saturated landscape left in Storm Isha's wake last weekend.

Carl Patrick, chief superintendent of Cumbria Constabulary, took the lead in the Local Resilience Forum responses to the recent weather events.

Mr Patrick said: "The worst of the weather appears to be receding – but we would continue to ask people to check on vulnerable family members, friends and neighbours to ensure they are OK following what has been several days of extreme weather.

"There are still some people without power.

"The multi-agency response to make sure they are safe and well and that their power is restored as soon as possible continues and agencies have continued to make calls and knock on doors to ensure the wellbeing of those affected."

The county observed many flood alerts and warnings, as well as intense wind gusts, as high as 77mph, leading to fallen trees and disrupted power supply.

Mr Patrick added that there are still some difficult road conditions, especially on minor roads, with reports of surface water and fallen trees.

Both Cumberland and Westmorland and Furness councils continually supply extra resources to support these operations.

Despite the weather receding, certain roads, particularly minor ones, are still fraught with residual problems.

Surface water and fallen trees present significant obstacles.

Mr Patrick added: "Our local authority highways teams have worked to respond to urgent calls on flooding, debris in road and fallen trees – as well as clear road closures on priority A and B routes to keep the network moving.

"We yesterday asked people not to travel unless necessary during the storm – and the initial information we have is the roads appeared to be quieter than usual.

"We’d like to thank people for listening to the advice and doing their bit to keep the roads as safe as possible.

"We’d also like to thank all those who have worked through these storms to minimise the effects and keep people safe."

Local residents are still being advised to speak to vulnerable individuals and direct them to the right contacts, especially if they are dealing with power outages.

The advise includes not driving through floodwater, being mindful of road conditions and any fallen electrical cables.

For updates on road issues and further assistance, please see the listed agencies’ updates and contact details.