Residents of a south Cumbrian village say they're 'sick, sore and tired' of the only road in and out being flooded.

Long Lane is the only road that leads into Stainton with Adgarley with residents saying it floods with only a moderate amount of rain.

Photographs taken by Robert Jackson, of Stainton Head Farm, before the onset of Storm Isha and Storm Jocelyn, show the flooding he and other residents have to contend with if they want to get into the village.

"We're cut off," he said.

"I have spoken with the land owners either side of the floods and they are at their wit's end with Westmorland & Furness Highways.

"They do nothing to resolve these long-standing floods which are basically caused by a large hollow in the road.

"It's a massive pothole basically where the water collects and gets trapped as the drains are blocked - no doubt from debris from the eroded hedge banks.

"These floods have been reported dozens of times to Westmorland & Furness Highways and nothing has been done in the last three years."

To make matters worse, the constant motion of vehicles has caused mud, grit, stones, rocks and vegetation to end up in the flood waters acting like a grinding paste on the road surface.

This has not only caused further pot holes, but the plastic trims, sump guards, wheel arch covers and number plates of cars have been ripped off.

Robert added: "My own car's front bumper has been damaged because of pushing through the water. People coming into the village of a night can't see what they're dealing with "

The Mail: A car trying to make its way through Long Lane

A spokesperson for Westmorland and Furness Council said: “We have listened to residents’ concerns of flooding in Low Furness and are taking appropriate action at both locations.

“The flooding east of Stainton with Adgarley, near to Adgarley Farm, was caused by a drainage issue that is restricting water flow during periods of high rainfall. A team has now conducted drainage works here alleviating the flood.

“Upon inspection of flooding at Tythe Barn on Long Lane, issues with the soakaway have been identified which require specialised works. Our team are devising a programme to rectify the problem which we will share once confirmed."