WALNEY School has received a letter from OFSTED praising it for making progress - but recommending more changes are needed to become good. 

The school, on Sandy Gap Lane, received a 'requires improvement' rating after an inspection in 2022.

It subsequently received a monitoring visit in December with the letter outlining the outcome of this visit being published by the government body on Wednesday.

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The report stated: "The monitoring inspection was carried out under section 8(2) of the Education Act 2005 and took place because the school has received a judgement that it requires improvement at its previous graded (section 5) inspection.

"The purpose of a monitoring inspection is not to grade the school’s overall effectiveness, but to identify and report on the school’s progress. It is to highlight to the school and parents any improvements that school leaders have made since the school’s previous graded inspection.

"Leaders have made progress to improve the school, but more work is necessary for the school to become good."

The inspector recommended the following to improve the school's rating in the future: 

  • "Ensure that teachers check the knowledge that pupils know and address any gaps in their understanding before introducing new learning."
  •  "Provide opportunities for pupils to deepen their learning by applying their knowledge to different contexts."
  •  "Ensure that parents and carers are informed about the changes at the school and the difference that these are making to their children’s education."

The report praised that the school, with the support of The Fells Multi Academy Trust, has 'acted with determination' to address the shortcomings that were identified while being mindful of the implications on staff’s workload and well-being.

The inspector said this is leading to a 'better quality of education for pupils.'

It concluded: "The school has updated the structure and routines for lessons. Pupils and staff reported that behaviour and effort in lessons have improved as a result of these changes. Pupils are enjoying their lessons more than they were in the past.

"The school has harnessed the support from the trust, and from external organisations, to build leadership capacity. This has led to positive changes in terms of the subject curriculums. The school has used the external support to help leaders and governors gain an accurate insight into the quality of education on offer."