This week is the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. I can well imagine some saying, ‘well I don’t see a lot of unity!’ 

And yes, we have the C of E, the Methodists, the Baptists, the United Reformed Church, the Catholics, independent churches…. and more. So it does look a bit confusing.

But while all these churches differ in ways they might interpret the Bible, in the songs they sing, the words they use and even the things they wear, so that they often do things differently, they all have some core beliefs in common: they believe that God is creator, that he sent his Son Jesus to show us how much he loves us by dying on the cross to deal with the sin that causes so much trouble, and that he then sent the Holy Spirit to those who believe in Him to help us in our daily lives.

Those who call themselves Christian hold this in common, and in this they are united. Many Christians come together to do things in Churches Together groups. Here in Kendal, for instance, many different denominations come together for the Walk of Witness on Good Friday. This week they will be coming together during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity to share in one another’s worship and in other ways too.

We might prefer the style and teaching of one type of church, but it is good to remind ourselves that, ultimately, it is our relationship with Jesus that is most important, not our denominational differences. 

Faith Viewpoint by Linda Hunter, of Kendal Parish Church.

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