READERS have reacted to the closure of a Lake District café due to a lack of clients.

Grove Barn in Stockghyll Lane, on the outskirts of Ambleside, opened its doors in June 2023 after being in development for three years.

Now the owners have announced that the establishment, which was closed for a winter break, won't be reopening in February as they have been unable to attract enough customers.

The café was only reached via walking and it did not have a car park. Max Howard, the owner, explained that they 'misjudged' the market as there are not enough people who want to walk to a café. 

The readers of this publication have shared their thoughts on social media after the clousure's announcement.

Mike Stephenson said: "Such a shame as it was an amazing cafe with great food and staff.

Sue Grayston said: "It was a great cafe. I came across it when walking down from Kirkstone Inn last year and was looking forward to going again this year.

Claire Hill said: "We go to Ambleside quite often walking and never come across it. Such a shame."

Katie O'Brien said: "I worked here for about 7 weeks. Beautiful building, amazing food, stunning surroundings, but yes, customers were few and far between. It didn’t help with a cafe opening just down the road either. I hope Max can get some of his hard-earned money back. Everything was top spec in their massive kitchen. Such a shame it’s closing."

Alex Hayton said: "Shame as it would always be extremely seasonal anyway that they haven't managed to get through to see how this year panned out.

"They opened back end of last season and its barely been dry since August, hopefully they can repurpose and make some money. Looks like a walker's Airbnb paradise."