Exciting plans are underway for Ulverston to have its very own Festival of Light in the spring. 

Volunteers at the Sir John Barrow monument are currently finalizing plans to hold the festival over Easter weekend on Saturday, March 30.

The event will take place at the 450ft Hoad Hill and will be similar to the Lakeland Festival of Lights in Keswick.

This is when people form a 'River of Light' and mark the route from Keswick up to Catbells summit with head torches to create a spectacular spectacle.

"We want to make this unique to the Hoad monument however," said its senior keeper Graham Scrogham. "We're replacing its current lights and will have many more colours for a great display by the time the event comes.

"We'd like to differentiate the event to Ulverston's Lantern Festival also and have a line-up of people with torches and head torches to light the way up the hill.

"The more people we can involve the better and we'd love to see about 200 to 300 people.

"We won't be charging big money but a small fee will have to go towards the event as it does need to be marshalled.

"The issue we face is having a group of people in the dark so anyone wishing to attend can sign up first and then when we have got people up the hill, we can then make a log of who's there. 

"Ulverston Inshore Rescue are kindly letting us have the use of their drone which has thermal capabilities to further ensure that everyone is safe."

The Mail: VIEWS Coniston fells in the distanceOrganisers are also making sure that the festival is as inclusive as possible with wheelchair users and families with buggies able to line up at the bottom path.

The paved path means everyone should be able to participate and enjoy the views.

Organisers are still holding meetings and are taking advice from many individuals and organisations - including from Ulverston Resilience Group.

They are still welcoming people who would like to get involved.

If anyone is interested in contributing to the Ulverston's new Festival of Light, please message the Sir John Barrow Monument Facebook page