The Mayor of a Royal town has revealed how the title has benefitted his town on the back of Barrow's campaign to achieve the honoured status.

Last month MP Simon Fell launched the campaign which has been growing in support and has now gained an acknowledgement from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Requests for the title are made for various reasons and cities, towns, boroughs and hospitals can apply, along with businesses, in certain circumstances.

Petitions either come directly from the Prime Minister or are made through the Cabinet Office.

Ultimately, it is the reigning monarch who decides based on the advice of ministers.

The Mail: ALL SMILES: The Queen launches HMS Sheffield at Barrow in 1971As well as it being an honoured recognition of a place, a Royal Status can be an important factor in shaping cultural attitudes towards a place over time and has benefits in terms of tourism and business.

These factors have helped shape Simon Fell's campaign and appear to have benefited the three current UK Royal towns - including Royal Leamington Spa.

Mayor Cllr Alan Boad said: "The townspeople of Leamington Spa are proud of holding the honoured title of 'Royal' - a recognition few towns have had bestowed upon them.

"Historically, Leamington was a rural settlement until the 1780s, when members of Georgian society arrived to drink its saline waters and made it a resort town.

"The town was honoured by the granting of the title 'Royal' by the young Queen Victoria in 1838 who recalled a visit in 1830. Her Majesty visited again in 1858. 

"The award was in recognition of its history and royal patronage of its facilities.  The town has many historic landmarks and gardens including what is now known as the Royal Pump Room and Gardens including the Parade built by 1830. 

"The Royal title is very prestigious and our townspeople, local businesses and visitors too certainly recognise that it puts Royal Leamington Spa very much on the map."

Royal Tunbridge Wells was another spa town that petitioned for the honour in recognition of their history and royal patronage of their facilities.

The honour was granted by King Edward VII in 1909.

The Mail: Leamington Spa. Getty ImagesSpa towns, a township with reputable hot and cold mineral springs, have a rich history of patrons visiting to 'take the waters' for their purported health benefits.

Though spa towns may seem like an outdated concept, they have found new life in recent years and the Royal status of these towns has helped shape people's perceptions over time.

Leamington is a student town that is consistently voted one of the happiest places in the UK to live.

Her late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, awarded Wootan Bassett the prestigious title which was the first one to be given in more than 100 years.

It was given in recognition of its role in the early-21st-century military funeral repatriations, which passed through the town.

Over the years, hundreds of people have spontaneously stopped to pay their respects as the bodies of those killed were driven through the town after being repatriated at nearby RAF Lyneham.

The Mail: The biggest and most powerful attack submarine ever built for the Royal Navy, Astute, sails up the Clyde and into the Gareloch to arrive at its home at Faslane Naval Base in Scotland for the first time. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: FridayNow, Barrow's campaign has been built on Furness’ rich history and shipbuilding legacy.

The remote peninsula has created world-class vessels, many launched by Royalty, which have contributed to national and international safety.

And now the small town continues to play a big role on the world stage as part of the AUKUS project.

The Cabinet Office will soon be in touch with Mr Fell to discuss the campaign further.