Many think of Eternity as some future state, but in reality we all live in Eternity now.

The past is gone. All we have of it is past experience.

The future is unknown. It is an adventure waiting to happen.

Yet past and future are inextricably linked in the present moment. The past shows us that what we choose and how we act today shapes our tomorrow. That which feeds our minds influences our perception of what is important: who or what we can trust.

Psalm 146 advises us not to put our trust in princes or in the sons of men. In Romans 1:25 it says, “They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator...”

As a result, humanity is in a state of confusion and conflict. Even the popular sticking plasters of inclusivity and diversity have only led to more divisions.

Beyond all our human contrivances and chaos, true healing for the spiritual void at the heart of our civilisation can only be found when we recognise that we are all children of the same Creator. Not some abstract concept of God but a living reality. The same reality manifested in the person of the risen Christ.  

This same Jesus embodies true inclusivity and is the one source of all conflict resolution. If you are concerned for the future, look beyond political spin to the Jesus Way: the only Way to bring hope back for the future of humanity.

Written by John Pickering

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