BARROW'S MP says he will continue to fight on behalf of a late sub-postmistress and her family to hold the Post Office to account over the Horizon scandal.

Isabella Wall, who died in 2022, said she lost everything after the faulty IT system began to show money going missing from the accounts at her post office in Bowness Road - where she worked as a postmistress for more than 20 years.

While never charged with a crime, she was among those caught up in the scandal after being accused of theft and fraud by her employer.

The plight of sub-postmasters who were accused of false accounting and blamed for missing money has been thrust into the spotlight by ITV drama Mr Bates Vs the Post Office.

MP Simon Fell said he would continue to campaign on behalf of Ms Wall.

"Former Barrow sub-postmistress Isabella Wall came to the very first surgery I held, shortly after being elected in 2019," he said.

"Like a good number of people who have just watched the excellent ITV series, Mr Bates Vs the Post Office, I had no prior knowledge of Horizon or the shocking scandal that had engulfed so many innocent people. As she laid out her story I was dismayed by what I heard.

"Isabella, who sadly died in 2022, lost everything as a result of Horizon. I left that surgery, did my research, and then started campaigning on her behalf, and on behalf of all of those who have lost so much as a result of this injustice, speaking about her and the wider issues a good number of times in the House of Commons, and writing to and lobbying Ministers."

He called for payments to those wronged by the Post Office to be accelerated and for the Post Office and contractor Fujitsu to face possible criminal sanctions.

He added: "Sadly Isabella Wall passed away in 2022 after a short battle with Motor Neurone Disease, neither having seen the justice nor received the apology that she so much deserved. Her family, quite rightly, want to see those responsible held to account.

"I will continue to work towards that goal in Parliament."