NEW research has revealed the most Instagram-worthy yachting locations in the UK based on their popularity on social media.    

The study conducted by boat insurance experts Insuremy analysed over 21.7 million hashtags on Instagram, looking at the total number of hashtags for each location to reveal the most popular destinations in the UK to visit with a yacht.   

Windermere was crowned the second most Instagram-worthy site and has over 1.1 million uploads on Instagram.

The River Thames, running through London, is by far the most Instagrammable place to go yachting in the UK and is featured in over 1.9 million posts. This was 104% more than the average (1.9K) across the ten most popular UK yachting locations.  

The river has been a popular destination for many years and hosts one of the world's oldest yacht clubs – The Royal Thames Yacht Club. The Thames had over 56% more hashtags than Windermere.  

The Isle of Skye came third on the list as the most scenic yachting spots. The isle is located off the coast of northwest Scotland and has over one million posts on Instagram.  

Speaking on the findings, an InsureMy spokesperson said:

"Sharing your holiday snaps on Instagram is a lot of fun, so it’s essential to know the most popular locations in UK so that you can visit the best sites on your next yachting holiday.    

"But, before planning any trip around this time of year it’s best to check the weather conditions as many places in UK are more susceptible to storms and fogs during autumn. Many marinas may also have reduced their opening times as well.  

"Ensuring that you have enough supplies for any emergencies that may occur and prioritizing safety in the water should be your top concern before setting off- and don’t forget to take pictures of the stunning sights you may discover on your journey."