One of my early memories as a child is writing out New Year’s resolutions. Mum and Dad would write theirs in their diaries. I’d put mine on a piece of paper that I’d decorate and make pretty.

One year, when I’d have been about six or seven, my resolutions were: “I will not cry, or bite my nails, or get Colin into trouble.” (My brother had added the third one!) I can’t remember whether I managed them all.

So often we have things imposed upon us, don’t we? The pressure of other people’s needs or desires or expectations? Not for our benefit or best interests, but to suit other people.

If you have a partner, I’m sure you could write a set of New Year resolutions for them. And if you did, it would be hard not to include some that would be for your benefit, as well as theirs. Because you, like me, are human, and broken, and can’t help being a little selfish.

But when God sent His son to us broken human beings, he made some ‘resolutions’ for us without a trace of self-interest (Galatians 4:4-7).

You will receive adoption to sonship.

You will be my child.

You will be my heir.

All God wants is to give us the inheritance of eternity, and the freedom Jesus won for us.

In the light of that, I can go into 2024 fearing nothing, but looking to share my inheritance with a world that needs it.

Written by Captain Canon Hilary Borthwick, of Kendal and Millom Salvation Army

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