A MAN who has found thousands of historical artefacts is raising funds for a new metal detector to carry on with his discoveries.

Josh Carr explained that the funds would help him get a more technologically advanced metal detector.

"The better technology, the deeper it goes, and the more history I can find for our little town, Millom," said the 28-year-old.

The Millom metal detectorist has been metal detecting for over five years and has found several significant artefacts in the area.

These include six socketed axe heads, Room broochs, an Iron Age terret ring, as well as the Marcus Aurelius silver denari and numerous other finds, especially coins.

He said that recently, he sent the six socketed axe heads to get analysed, cleaned and dated by the British Museum.

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Jan Bridget, chair of the Millom and District Local History Society, explained that by his findings and dedication, Josh has shown that he is a very important part of a joint effort to uncover the past of Old Millom.

She said: "His finds have raised the profile of the history of Old Millom and, I believe, helped us to access funding.

"He is totally dedicated to his metal detecting and to uncovering the history of Old Millom. He is a credit to Millom and a wonderful role model (if I were dishing out awards, he would be at the top of the list).

"He won his previous metal detectors, and when he told me he wanted to save up for a better model this year, I had no hesitation in setting up the fundraiser. With his skills, knowledge, dedication and a better machine, he is more likely to find more artefacts."

Four people have already contributed with the donations, and £150 has been raised out of the £1,800 target.

To contribute towards the metal detector, visit the crowdfunding page here.