Ulverston stars in the latest episode of a popular BBC 2 show that promotes the best of the British countryside.

Robson Green's Weekend Escapes focuses on the actor and musician usually travelling across the north east of England, finding wellbeing and adventure with famous friends.

In the third episode of the second series, which airs on January 3 and is available on iPlayer now, Green brings Mark Benton along with him to Ullswater, where they meet up with two Tai Chi instructors from Ulverston.

Chris Shaw, one of the group leaders, said: "It was a sunny day, and there were lots of people around, but that all seemed to melt away when they did a little practice, and went a little deeper by the lake."

The Mail: Instructors Chris Shaw and Peter Rustdye-CookeInstructors Chris Shaw and Peter Rustdye-Cooke (Image: BBC)

Chris is joined by Peter Rustdye-Cooke, with the duo teaching weekly classes in Ulverston for experienced players and new members alike.

Introducing the premise of the show, Green said: "What I love about these escapes is how surprisingly easy it can be to disconnect from the modern world once I put my mind to it.

"All it takes is a combination of stunning scenery, big skies and some really good company."

In the episode, Chris and Peter are given the chance to explain the origins of Tai Chi to the acting duo, describing its global expansion from China.

"You're not thinking about anything else," Green added during his first exposure to Tai Chi.

"It just takes you away from life's distractions - we're surrounded by hundreds of people but it's as though the sounds have disappeared."

The Mail: The actors experience the beauty of UllswaterThe actors experience the beauty of Ullswater (Image: BBC)

Following the short class, Green and Benton get better acquainted with Ullswater, described as the second largest lake of the 16 in the Lake District.

"Some say it's the most beautiful lake in England and I have to say it's always been one of our family's favourites," Green explained.

From there, he brings Benton along with him on the Ullswater Steamer, providing another opportunity to showcase the beauty of the region.

You can catch 'Robson Green's Weekend Escapes' on BBC 2 on January 3, or by visiting BBC iPlayer.