GET the year off to a great start for yourself and our oceans with a beach clean. 

On January 7, a beach cleaning event is set to take place at The Round House hub on Walney from 11am until 1pm.

Prizes will be given for the most litter collected, the largest item of litter, and the most bizarre item found.

Gloves, bags, and litter pickers will be available but if you have your own, bring them.

The event website said: "Marine litter is a major threat to the animals that live in our oceans. From dolphins getting entangled in fishing gear to seabirds eating plastic, rubbish in the seas is a huge problem for marine life. By removing litter from the beach, we can save marine animals and protect our seas."

The event is suitable for families, children, adults, experts and beginners and is free of charge.

To book your place visit their website here.