My faith in Jesus Christ is vital to me and I’m certain that many people of different faiths feel exactly the same way about their own faith.

Meeting together, and sharing our beliefs does not dilute them in any way, as some might think. It doesn’t mean you have to compromise what you believe. In fact, these experiences can add new layers to your view of life, especially spiritual life.

It was a real joy for me to take part in an Interfaith Service at the Unitarian Chapel in Kendal last month. The service was help to mark National Interfaith Week, with similar services taking place at the same time all over the UK. The theme for our service was Faith, Hope and Love – particularly Love. There were wonderful contributions from Christian Science, Sufi Muslim, Buddhist, Baha’i and others. We sang, meditated and prayed together.

Christmas also has that power to bring people together and to unite us all, as festivals of all faiths can do.

Nigerian-born consultant and inspirational speaker Ola Joseph said, “Diversity is not about how we differ. It is about embracing one another’s uniqueness.” A Native American Confederacy statement once said that maintaining harmonious existence between all peoples would take constant, concerted effort, and also that a spiritual consciousness is the path to the survival of mankind.

To me it does seem, indeed, that maintaining a spiritual outlook, of whatever faith, is the best way we can help one another. May this Christmas season bring a time of nourishment for your spirit, and a gentle reminder of our shared humanity, too.

Written by Mike Humphreys, Chair, South Lakes Interfaith Forum.

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