Nearly £1000 has been raised in Windermere for a charity supporting mariners and fishermen.

The proceeds were collected by Windermere Lake Cruises in a bright red World War Two sea mine collection box stationed at Bowness Bay.

The box is one of 60 across the country supporting the Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society, a charity helping seafarers’ dependents, as well as sick, disabled and retired fishermen and mariners.

The Mail: Holly Lambert from Windermere Lake Cruises counting some of the donationsHolly Lambert from Windermere Lake Cruises counting some of the donations (Image: Windermere Lake Cruises)

Sales and marketing director for Windermere Lake Cruises, Jennifer Cormack, said: "Whenever we empty the collection box it’s always a wonderful reminder of the generosity of the general public."

Ms Cormack added: "Along with local donations there are donations from visitors who have come to Windermere from countries around the world including Australia, Canada, Japan and all parts of Europe.

"We’ve counted donations from eleven different countries and the grand total collected is £958 which will do so much to help those in need.

"We would like to thank all those who have supported the Charity."

The red sea mines, vital for Britain’s coastal defence during the Second World War, have been given a fresh lease of life as unlikely vessels for charity.

The mines were initially donated by the Admiralty to the Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society in recognition of its wartime support.

The Society has a 176-year history, providing assistance during World War Two not only to sailors but to soldiers, airmen, nurses and civilians.

They helped those rescued, especially during the Battle of the Atlantic, supplying immediate financial help for clothing, food, accommodation and travel.